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Facing an audit is never a fun experience. But with DigiTax by your side, it can be far less stressful. As experienced accountants, we understand just how daunting an ATO audit can be, so we're here to help you through every moment – even if we didn't prepare your taxes.

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Preparing for an ATO Audit

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How We Can Help

The ATO Audit Process

Helping you respond to ATO correspondence.

Pre-governance review and gap analysis.

Preparing tax governance documentation.


What To Expect

The ATO Audit Process

No two audits are precisely the same. Yours may involve a swift and straightforward check of your documents or a deep analysis of your deductions and transactions. The approach depends on a number of factors, including the reason for the audit. Some of the most common taxpayer actions that can trigger an audit include:

 Failing to report your full income

 Claiming tax deductions you're not entitled to

 A history of missed tax returns

 A history of late lodgement

 International transactions

 ATO tip-offs

 Being in one of the ATO's current target industries

 Business income that's lower than industry benchmarks

 Consistently operating at a loss

 Income not matching lifestyle

 Unusual fluctuations between financial years

 Inconsistency between your tax return and BAS


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